Product Information - Rates
'Review Your Loans' uses a progressive subscription credit fee system. You purchase the number of credits you need. Several purchase plans are offered for different quantities giving you different per unit prices. You choose the plan that best suits your needs.   Each time you begin to process a new borrower's loan, you create a new Loan Review Project file. That uses up one Loan Review Credit. You can add more Loan Review Credits at any time.

Don't forget new customers will get 5 or more credits for free. That means you can try Review Your loans risk free.

Select a Plan Loan Review Credits Subscription Fee* Cost per Credit Unit

Subscription Plan A 5 TBD  
Subscription Plan B 15 TBD  
Subscription Plan C 50 TBD  
Subscription Plan D 120 TBD  
Subscription Plan E 250 TBD  
Subscription Plan F 400 TBD  

*All prices are subject to change without notice.


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