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'Review Your Loans' is a web based application that offers users an effective approach to identify loan weaknesses that drive down portfolio quality that could contribute to future losses.

'Review Your Loans' provides analysis and individual grading of loans based upon our proprietary algorithms developed by our banking experts. This low cost system gives you a in-depth review of all the loans included in the system.

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'Review Your Loans' offers a "best practices" approach to performing commercial and individual loan reviews.

  • Bank's Executive Management
  • Bank Supervisory Agencies
  • Bank Holding Companies
  • Risk Managers
  • Merger & Acquisition Duel Diligence Teams
  • Loan Review Teams
  • Investors
  • International Financial Institutions for Asset Quality Reviews or Diagnistics

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Data Collection

Learn how loan data is entered into the Review Your Loans system and about the organizational structure used to manage it.

Learn about powerful reports available that will show you the condition of a loan, including a loan grade from 1 to 100 points and a detailed analyses of how well the bank has managed all evaluated loans.

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Loan Projects

Learn how you are in full control of your bank's Loan Review Projects - list, create, modify and delete. Also learn how RYL receives payment for this review service.
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Some Legal Stuff We Want You to Know:

NOTICE: This web site and application does not collect or retain any credit card information, Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, or any other personal data that would impact our customers should our servers ever be compromised.

NOTICE: 'Review Your Loans' by Banker's Initiative, LLC is a copyrighted application. Any reverse engineering or copying of its features is prohibited.

NOTICE: Banker's Initiative, LLC will not be responsible for any damages due to the accidental loss, negligent or purging of client's loan information.



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